“The purpose of the Inland Terminal Association of Canada is to promote the interests of farmer-owned grain terminals.”

The Inland Terminal Association of Canada (ITAC), founded in 1995, was organized to promote the common interests and goals of modern, efficient high throughput inland terminals. ITAC grain handling facilities are the realization of dreams for farmers, who through their own initiative, innovation and capital, sought to make grain handling on the prairies more competitive, reliable and cost effective. Significant farmer ownership is what defines ITAC membership.

Together the four member terminals of ITAC handle more than 2.1 million tonnes of grains, pulses, and oilseeds annually, with cleaning and drying capacity. The majority of grain movement occurs in railcar units of 100 cars or more.

Of the four ITAC members, one is based in Alberta with the other three based in Saskatchewan. However, the assets stretch from Manitoba all the way to the West Coast. Overall grain storage capacity is 245,000 tonnes, with a total of 9 grain delivery points. Collectively, the companies have more than 2,100 shareholders and employ roughly 310 people.

In addition to grain handling facilities, many members have crop input businesses. The members have 7 farm input depots with sales of over $100 million annually.

Other affiliated enterprises include an ethanol/bio-products plant and a West Coast container loading facility.